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The Blacklist German Sub

Episodenguide der US-Serie The Blacklist mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Gibt es The Blacklist auf Netflix, Amazon, und co? Jetzt online Stream finden! Während in den USA bereits die 7. Staffel von The Blacklist bei dem US-Sender NBC läuft, gibt es in Deutschland noch keinen Starttermin.

Alle Staffeln von The Blacklist:

Episodenguide der US-Serie The Blacklist mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. The Blacklist. USA; - Raymond Reddington, seines Zeichens Ex-​Agent, Deserteur und krimineller "Geschäftsmann". Gibt es The Blacklist auf Netflix, Amazon, und co? Jetzt online Stream finden!

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The Blacklist German Sub pinoygreenjokes.com10The Blacklist S08E01 download Italian subtitles. Home Mobile version Rss Language English Arabic Croatian Dutch French Greek German Norwegian Spanish Swedish Hebrew Bulgarian Turkish Finnish Portuguese BR Polish ALL Languages. The Blacklist - Premieres Friday, November 13 at 8/7c. James Spader and Megan Boone star in the drama about a criminal mastermind. The Blacklist S07E01 - Louis T. Steinhil (Louis T. Steinhil) (German sub.).nzb" yEnc (1/1) collection size: MB, parts available: / - 3 other files: B&S: a.b.x d; [/] - "" yEnc (1/10) XSUser: d; Die Community mit dem umfangreichsten Angebot an deutschen Untertiteln für US- und UK-Serien! Wir bieten nicht nur deutsche Untertitel für aktuelle Top-Serien wie Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural und The Vampire Diaries, sondern auch für Klassiker wie Lost, 24 oder auch Breaking Bad. "The Blacklist" The Freelancer (No. ) subtitles. AKA: The Blacklist, Guillermo Rizal, The Hawaladar, Louis T. Steinhil (1), The Pharmacist. Red and Liz go under cover to stop an assassin known as The Freelancer from killing his next target; Ressler and a recently re-hired CIA agent try to protect Red from a distance; Liz wonders what she should do about Tom and the mysterious box.

The Freelancer. The Stewmaker. The Courier. Gina Zanetakos. Frederick Barnes. General Ludd. Anslo Garrick 1. Anslo Garrick 2. The Good Samaritan.

The Alchemist. The Cyprus Agency. Madeline Pratt. The Judge. Mako Tanida. Milton Bobbit. The Pavlovich Brothers.

The Kingmaker. Berlin 1. Berlin: Conclusion 2. Lord Baltimore. Monarch Douglas Bank. James Covington.

Linus Creel. The Front. The Mombasa Cartel. The Scimitar. The Decembrist. Luther Braxton 1. Luther Braxton: Conclusion 2.

Ruslan Denisov. The Kenyon Family. The Deer Hunter. Earl King VI. The Major. Tom Keen. The Longevity Initiative.

Vanessa Cruz. Leonard Caul. Quon Zhang. Tom Connolly. The Troll Farmer. Marvin Gerard. Eli Matchett.

The Djinn. Arioch Cain. Sir Crispin Crandall. Zal Bin Hasaan. Kings of the Highway. The Director 1.

The Director: Conclusion 2. Gregory Devry. The Vehm. Alistair Pitt. Lady Ambrosia. The Caretaker. Solomon 1.

Solomon: Conclusion 2. Cape May. The Artax Network. Susan Hargrave. Alexander Kirk 1. Alexander Kirk: Conclusion 2. Miles McGrath. The Lindquist Concern.

The Thrushes. Adrian Shaw 1. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion 2. Lipet's Seafood Company. The Forecaster.

The Harem. Natalie Luca. Isabella Stone. The Architect. The Apothecary. Dembe Zuma. The identities of many of the lowest numbers on the Blacklist remain unrevealed to date.

Portrayed by Goran Ivanovski, Renne Gjoni, James Biberi and Stivi Paskoski. The Pavlovich brothers Blacklisters No.

Working together as a team, they used high firepower and ruthless tactics to achieve their goals. In the series' pilot, they kidnapped Beth Ryker, the daughter of General Daniel Ryker, by killing six FBI Agents during the ambush.

They then kidnapped a Chinese scientist who had been rescued by the CIA. Later, Raymond Reddington hired them to kidnap Tom Keen.

They delivered Tom to Elizabeth Keen. While attempting to smuggle Xiaoping Li back to China, they were killed at McKendrick Pier.

Portrayed by Tom Noonan season 1, episode 4; season 2, episode 8. Stanley R. Kornish Blacklister No.

Working for whoever could afford his services, he used his expert knowledge of chemicals to dissolve corpses until there was almost nothing left. He kept a photo of and a tooth from each victim as a souvenir.

His dog accompanied him on his disposals. In " The Decembrist ", Raymond Reddington tells Milos Kirchoff how he interrogated Kornish about a photograph of Zoe D'Antonio found on the body of one of his associates.

He explains that Zoe was brought to Kornish, for him to make her disappear. Gina Zanetakos Blacklister No. Raymond Reddington said she once contacted him for help in assassinating a Supreme Court judge.

He also claimed that she was a former lover of Tom Keen. She worked for the Major. Using the alias Shubie Hartwell, she entered the United States. She was hired by the Hanar Group to detonate a dirty bomb in the Port of Houston.

The explosion would have allowed the Hanar investors to profit from the re-routing of sea shipping to New Orleans.

After being captured, she was allowed a plea bargain since the bomb had not devastated the port. A search of her apartment produced a photograph of Tom Keen who she claims not to know.

When questioned about the murder of Victor Fokin, she claims to have committed the crime on the orders of Raymond Reddington.

Gina is eventually released from prison. Tom contacts her, looking for work to provide for Liz and his unborn baby. Gina reluctantly brings him to work on a jewelry heist.

After they pull off the heist, she asks him to run away with her, and he refuses. She then double-crosses him and has his shot, but he survives.

He then confronts her at gunpoint and demands that she persuade the Major to let him walk away from their organization, and she agrees.

Later she is seen on the phone with an unknown person, talking about Tom. Gina and the Major ambush Tom in Liz's apartment. The Major is about to kill Tom when Gina decides to kill the Major instead and leaves Tom to bury the body.

Anslo Garrick Blacklister No. He worked almost exclusively with a unit of highly armed, countryless mercenaries known as "the Wild Bunch". At some point, he raided a CIA black site in the Bering Sea to exfiltrate a man named Mahmoud al-Azok.

At some point, he and Raymond Reddington worked together, though the alliance ended in when Garrick gave the FBI his train number and itinerary for a stop at Waterloo station in Brussels.

Once Red arrived, a hit squad led by Donald Ressler attempted his life but failed. Red realized that Garrick had betrayed him and shot him in the face, damaging the right side of his face and apparently blinding his right eye.

However, Garrick survived and spent 5 years in a prison described as a "black hole". To remind himself of the incident, Garrick never had the facial scarring repaired by surgery.

He was hired by Alan Fitch to kidnap Reddington. He succeeded in extracting Reddington from the FBI's custody and tortured him.

Reddington ultimately killed him by stabbing him in the neck in "Anslo Garrick Conclusion". Madeline Pratt Blacklister No. Behind the facade, she forms relationships and affiliations with powerful, influential people and then uses those connections to commit million dollar heists.

Reddington credits her with the theft of 6 million dollars' worth of diamonds from a De Beers outpost in Congo and a heist on a mint in Prague in which the security fibers used to print the Czech koruna were stolen and then used to print counterfeit banknotes.

She had a previous romantic connection with Reddington, which he broke off. She met with Elizabeth Keen, whom Red had said was a career thief.

After using Red and Liz as a diversion to allow her to steal the Effigy of Atargatis, she sold it to the Russian mafia after removing the Kungar 6 list.

Red tricked her into revealing the location of the nuclear warheads and allowed her to escape. Later she stole a painting from Red as revenge leaving the second note.

In the second-season episode "T. Earl King VI", Pratt was "kidnapped" by the Kings to bait Red into infiltrating "The Palace" so he could be sold at their auction.

Milos Kirchoff Blacklister No. Before the series, Kirchoff started in the Red Army , rose to the rank of Colonel, and later became a member of the KGB.

Notorious for sending his enemies to the gulags in Siberia, he was a loyal servant of the Soviet Union. In , near the end of the Cold War , Kirchoff took part in a meeting in Kursk with other Soviet officials on how to combat their more progressive countrymen who wanted the Soviet Union dissolved.

The meeting was interrupted when a bomb went off, killing 15 attendants and the last of the old Soviet resistance. The act was done by a man named Kiryl Morozov on the orders of Alan Fitch, known as "The Decembrist", but Reddington was blamed.

Shortly after that, Kirchoff's daughter was suspected of falling in love with a dissident and imprisoned. He used his connections to help her escape, but the Kremlin found out and decided to use him as an example to the Motherland.

He was put in a Siberian gulag where a lot of people he had put away were imprisoned. One day, he was sent a pocket watch he had given his daughter.

Over several months, he was sent several body parts and was led to believe that they were hers and that Reddington was behind it.

In reality, Fitch sent body parts belonging to someone else and helped Kirchoff's daughter escape to the United States, but not before convincing her that her father was responsible for the bombing.

Eventually, Kirchoff sharpened one of the bones he had been sent into a weapon, killed the people holding him captive, and escaped and formed his criminal syndicate under the alias "Berlin".

During the first eight episodes of the second season , Red meets with Milos Kirchoff again, who once more blames him for his daughter's death and intends to hurt Red by going after Zoe, whom he assumes is Red's daughter.

Red reveals that Milos Kirchoff's daughter Zoe is actually alive and someone else in Milos Kirchoff's faction had lied to him about her being killed.

He is soon reunited with his daughter, who had been living under an assumed name as Zoe D'Antonio. In the episode " The Decembrist ", after being reunited with Zoe, Milos learned the truth of Red's innocence.

He kills Kiryl Morozov after learning of Fitch's orders to frame Red and use Milos as a pawn. He was furious with Alan Fitch for lying to him about her death and takes action.

Milos orders his agents to abduct Fitch and strap a pipe bomb on him, intending to kill him. Using Zoe to gain the access numbers to free Fitch, Red holds Milos at gunpoint.

Red returns to the warehouse where he is holding Milos prisoner with a bottle of vodka and places 2 shot glasses in front of Milos.

After they reminisce about the Cold War and finish the bottle, Red kills Milos. Luther Todd Braxton Blacklister No. He typically organizes his operations to take place during wars, natural disasters, or other upheavals and takes advantage of the surrounding chaos to cover them up.

He is credited with stealing million dollars from Baghdad during Operation Shock and Awe and the abduction of a CIA asset from Tehran during the —10 Iranian election protests.

Braxton has a past with Reddington, including an incident in Belgrade where Braxton bested him, killing Red's local point man, Henkel, and hanging him by the neck with one of Reddington's own neckties.

While serving in the Gulf War , Braxton was involved in a traumatic friendly fire incident in Khafji. He was successfully given therapy to have the memories of it removed.

He was hired by the Director to get the Fulcrum, and captured and interrogated Liz to find it, subjecting her to therapy to help recover blocked memories from her past that related to the Fulcrum.

He was killed by Reddington in episode 10 of season 2. The persons are trained to act as spies for various clients. Once an agent has been assigned, they are to only contact the Major if the situation is "mission-critical".

One of his star operatives was Jacob Phelps, who posed as "Tom Keen", Elizabeth Keen's husband, for several years.

The terrorist Gina Zanetakos also works for him. Die Entrechteten German: "The Disenfranchised" are a neo-nazi movement that smuggle drugs and weapons around Europe.

Tom had a contract to infiltrate inside until Reddington lied to them about Tom being an informant working for the FBI to bring him back to the USA and confess the murder of harbormaster Eugene Ames to free Liz from being imprisoned.

After they threatened him to kill Elizabeth if he didn't talk about his motives for his infiltration, Tom and makes a deal: in exchange for Liz would not be their target, he reveals his assignment: he's going to help them solve the murder of a woman named Sarah Hastings, who was affiliated to the Germans, which is the main reason they want revenge for her death.

After accepting the truce, they let Tom and the Major go. Marvin Gerard Blacklister No. He went on to serve as prosecutor for the state of New York for 3 years, after which he made a partner at his father-in-law's criminal defense firm.

While Gerard was being considered for a seat on the federal bench, his teenage son, Timothy, fell in with a bad crowd and, suffering emotional abuse from his mother, abused prescription drugs he got from her supply.

Gerard separated from his wife and filed for custody, but since his wife came from an influential family, he wasn't able to. He eventually went so far as to kidnap Timothy to keep him away from his mother, for which he was disbarred and sentenced to 7—10 years at Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland.

Timothy hung himself a year later. Gerard continued doing legal work behind bars, serving as shadow counsel to politicians, CEOs, and high-profile criminals, including Reddington, who apparently consulted with Gerard before he turned himself into the FBI against Gerard's strong objections.

In "Sir Crispin Crandall", Gerard locates the vault where Peter Kotsiopulos is keeping his embezzled money. In "The Director, Conclusion", when Red puts together a team to exonerate Liz, he calls in Gerard as part of that team.

Gerard helps them plan on how to kidnap Peter Kotsiopulos. Once they have the Director, Red demands Laurel Hitchin exonerate Liz in exchange for Red not taking the Director to the Hague and sends in Gerard to discuss the terms of the deal with Laurel.

Eventually, Gerard manages to negotiate a deal where Liz is exonerated publicly for all but the Tom Connolly murder as Liz killed him in front of witnesses and it wasn't in self-defense.

Instead, Laurel offers a plea of involuntary manslaughter with 3 years' probation. Gerard privately talks to Red and convinces him to take the deal as it will keep Liz safe and out of prison and is better than Gerard expected them to get.

Gerard later presents the deal to Liz who reluctantly signs it as she will no longer able to be an FBI agent though she can remain on the task force in a similar capacity to Red.

Thanks to Gerard's deal, Liz is later able to walk free. In "The Apothecary", Red believes Gerard poisoned him and is destroying his organization until it's revealed to be Dembe.

In "Philomena", Gerard is kidnapped by a bounty hunter, Philomena, who works for Mr. When he refuses to turn against Reddington, Kaplan leaves him bound to a lamppost, and he is arrested by the police.

He coerces Ressler into arranging his release by threatening to reveal the latter's collaboration with Reddington to Julian Gale.

Zal Bin Hasaan Blacklister No. He witnessed his parents' murder at a very young age. He faked his own death after carrying out his very first bomb attack, adopted the pseudonym "Zal Bin Hasaan", and began a career as a feared and vicious terrorist.

He evaded capture for many years, despite the best efforts of an elite Mossad task force dedicated to hunting him down.

He resurfaced in America, where he abducted six technicians working on Israel's Iron Dome defense system. Posing as a hostage, he was reunited with his sister, claiming he had gone into hiding to avoid persecution.

He and his men infiltrated a Mossad compound, seeking a list that contained the names of the members of the task force. However, Samar and her ex-partner destroyed it when she found out his actions as a terrorist.

He was captured by Red and Samar disowns Shahin, believing that he died with their parents. Red turned him over to unnamed associates in exchange for a favor.

The Artax Network Blacklister No. Matias Solomon and his employers used it to track all of Liz Keen's movements and actions. Aram discovered this and the FBI forced Solomon's group to abandon the network.

Portrayed by Lotte Verbeek younger and Laila Robins older. Katarina Rostova Blacklister No. Her father was named Dom. In "Cape May", it is revealed that Reddington believed that she had committed suicide by drowning to protect Liz from unknown individuals who were pursuing her.

He continued to tell Liz that her mother was dead, despite receiving a painting commissioned by someone who claimed to be Rostova.

However, Liz and Tom suspected she was alive. Katarina had left a journal in the house that Kirk claimed Liz grew up in and while reading it, she learns more about Katarina's affair with Red along with the Rostov family's long history with rare cancer.

In the season 4 episode "Requiem", it is revealed that Katarina hired Mr. Kaplan to be Liz's nanny. During this time, Katarina was forced to kill a Soviet agent in self-defense; Kaplan disposed of the body.

Later, Katarina tells Kaplan that Reddington kidnapped Liz, believing her to be his daughter. Katarina rescued Liz but was forced to flee when both the US and Russian governments began hunting her.

She asked Kaplan to leave Liz in the care of the man who would become her foster father, Sam. Kaplan Conclusion", before her suicide, Kaplan prayed for Katarina to forgive her as she dug up the suitcase and left it in a storage locker.

The suitcase was later retrieved by Tom Keen and opened to discover skeletal remains that apparently belong to the real Raymond Reddington. In "Rassvet," it is revealed that Katarina was a double agent working both for the Cabal and the KGB.

The real Reddington was the man shot by Liz on the night of the fire from which he was pulled by Katarina and her lover Ilya Koslov in an attempt to save Reddington's life.

However, Reddington died of his injuries and the two covered up his death, leading to Reddington being declared missing. Katarina's apparent suicide was to fake her death, but her survival was exposed to Anton Velov when Katarina intervened to stop a rape at a shelter she was living at.

After a brief period in hiding, she and Ilya traveled to Moscow to warn her father, who was also her KGB handler, to leave Russia to escape the Soviet government's reprisals for her treason.

Later she tried to kill herself but was stopped by Ilya. She then agreed to his proposal to assume Raymond Reddington's identity and gain access to his accounts, to protect her and her daughter Masha from the Cabal, and to stop Reddington from being discredited as she knew he would be.

In the present, Liz locates Katarina's father who reveals that twenty-eight years before, Katarina visited him and promised to send Dom a letter to a post office box once it was safe for her again.

Though Dom checks every week, Katarina has not sent one letter despite it having been nearly thirty years. Dom is unsure if she is still alive, convinced that Katarina would've made contact if she was still around.

In "Robert Diaz" Katarina is revealed to be alive and living in Paris. A group of men takes Red away in a car and she leaves carrying only his hat.

Katarina brutally interrogates Reddington for information on an unnamed group that is pursuing her.

After Reddington escapes to Dom's house, Katarina makes an unsuccessful attempt to recapture him. She then moves into an apartment across the hall from Liz, posing as Madeleine Tolliver, a friendly retiree with an estranged daughter.

She begins insinuating herself into Liz's life, installing surveillance devices in Liz's apartment and babysitting Agnes.

While taking Agnes to the park, she inadvertently allows Agnes to see the dead body of an assailant she killed.

Using knowledge gleaned from her surveillance, she finds and kidnaps "Frank Bloom", addressing him as Ilya Koslov and torturing him for information on an attempt on her life he helped engineer years ago in Belgrade.

After Liz discovers "Madeleine" is an imposter and confronts her at gunpoint, Katarina admits she is Liz's mother. Katarina abducts Liz and tells her that Frank Bloom, not Reddington, is the real Ilya Koslov and that both Reddington and Dom are lying.

Liz helps her escape when the FBI closes in on her location. Reddington is tailing Katarina when a car runs into her vehicle and two assassins shoot her and drag away the body.

It is later revealed that Katarina faked her own death to convince Reddington to stop hunting her. She contacts Liz, promising to return when she has found out who is pursuing her.

Katarina returned to abduct her father Dom for the information that he, Ilya, and Red refused to give. Elizabeth chooses her mother over Raymond and betrays her FBI colleagues and kidnaps her grandfather Dom.

Katarina explained that Dom and Ilya tried to kill her to get a group called the Townsend Directive to believe she died, as Dom told Townsend that Katarina was supposedly a secret agent code-named N who had blackmail information on multiple countries called the Sikorsky Archive.

These countries put together the Townsend Directive as a bounty on their target whom they think is N, Katarina. A dying Dom tells Katarina she did indeed take the Archive much to her confusion and that she and Reddington have it.

She leaves before Reddington gets there but he comforts a dying Dom, telling him Katarina loved Dom. Katarina calls to meet a member of Townsend only to have been beaten by Raymond to the meet.

He reveals Dom died and wasn't surprised by her lack of love for him. He informs her that he had no idea that Dom and Ilya would try to kill her but she was angry that he let the world believe the lie so the Townsend Directive wouldn't chase him, as she believes he's N He claims he could have kept her safe as he always had but she needed answers and now they've destroyed her.

Katarina left her phone on Elizabeth's voicemail with Katarina claiming that Raymond is N, which he neither confirms nor denies, simply stating things are much more complicated.

As she tries to walk off, not thinking he'll kill her or lose Elizabeth, Reddington shoots and kills Katarina in front of the just arriving Elizabeth.

Alexander Kirk Blacklister No. He claims to be Elizabeth Keen's father and is suffering from an unrevealed medical condition possibly a low blood cell count.

Kirk was revealed to be the mysterious client who had hired Susan Hargrave to capture Liz. After Liz faked her death, he hires an assassin to kill Tom Keen and take Agnes.

After Reddington frames him for selling oil to rebels, Kirk is forced to appear before a congressional committee to testify.

He changes his mind at the last minute when his men discover Liz is alive. He has Liz kidnapped and brought to him and tells her that he is her father.

Liz is in disbelief at Kirk's claims and doesn't trust him. So Kirk takes her to the house he claimed she grew up in, near Nova Scotia.

When the FBI rescued her, Kirk decides to continue his revenge on Red by keeping Agnes from him. Red reveals why Kirk had kidnapped both Liz and Agnes in the first place: he is dying of a rare genetic blood disease that female relatives do not share.

Kirk intends to use Liz for a bone marrow transplant to save his own life. Adrian Shaw", Liz attempts to save Kirk through the transplant; but the DNA test performed by the hospital reveals that Kirk is not her father.

Angered by the fact that he lied to her and sent her falsified DNA transcripts, Liz abandons Kirk. Adrian Shaw: Conclusion", Kirk escapes the hospital with Liz and is upset to learn he really isn't her father.

Kirk trades Liz for Red though the person he sends to release Liz safely tries to kill her, saying that Kirk used to be a good man until he saw her on TV on the run from the Cabal and became obsessed with her.

Liz is rescued by Ressler and Samar and with Aram's help, tracks down Kirk's location. Kirk tortures Red who confesses to being Liz's father and brings Kirk a cure.

Kirk decides to kill Red rather than release him in exchange for the cure and the two men reminisce over Katarina Rostova.

As Kirk goes to kill Red, Red whispers something in his ear that causes Kirk to stop. Both men disappear from Kirk's lab afterward and later that night, Red tells Liz that Kirk is "gone".

When Liz asks if Kirk is dead, all Red will say is that Kirk is gone with no further explanation. In "Lipet's Seafood Company", it's confirmed that Red allowed Kirk to escape.

Cooper berates Red for this, but Red simply tells him that Kirk is gone and won't be coming back and insists they move on.

Portrayed by Susan Blommaert and Joanna P. Adler young Kaplan. She cleans up after Liz kills one of the men watching her from across the street, and then helps Liz find Reddington.

She also disposes of the bodies of Lucy Brooks and the Cowboy once they are found by Reddington's people. In season 3, she helps Liz fake her death so she can escape from Reddington.

For this, she is shot in the head by Reddington in the second episode of season 4, but survives and is held hostage by an unknown man in "Gaia".

She later recovers and leaves. In the season 4 episode "Requiem", it is revealed that she was hired by Katarina Rostova to be young Liz's nanny.

She became friends with Katarina after discovering she was a Soviet spy and learned that she was having an affair with Reddington.

When Katarina was forced to flee and abandon her daughter, Kaplan left Liz with her foster father, Sam. Later, she fell in love with a woman named Annie Kaplan and assumed her surname after Annie was murdered in front of her.

She then joined Reddington's employ to protect Liz, on the understanding that she would always place Liz's interests ahead of his.

In the present day, she exhumes all the bodies she buried for Reddington over the years, intending to use them to destroy him.

In "Philomena", Kaplan hires Philomena, a bounty hunter, to kidnap two of Reddington's subordinates, including Marvin Gerard. She tells Liz that she was her nanny, and warns Liz not to get involved in the fight between her and Reddington.

In "The Debt Collector", Kaplan calls a temporary truce with the FBI to find Liz after the latter is kidnapped. She tracks down Liz, only to learn that Reddington engineered the kidnapping to draw her out.

When she confronts him, she declares that the two of them can't coexist. Kaplan: Conclusion", Kaplan attacks the task force, first attempting to steal a copy of Reddington's immunity agreement with the DOJ and give it to Julian Gale.

When Reddington foils this plan, Kaplan agrees to testify about Reddington's crimes to a grand jury.

Before doing so, she exhumes a suitcase containing the skeleton of an unknown individual. After the grand jury is dissolved through Reddington's machinations, Kaplan is cornered by the FBI and Reddington.

The latter refuses to kill her and admits his remorse for trying in the first place, but she tells him that she has arranged for an accomplice to give Liz "the truth" after her death, then she commits suicide.

Afterward, her accomplice revealed to be Tom Keen, picks up the suitcase, presumably to deliver it to Liz. Henry Prescott Blacklister No. His services were used by Red to help the Task Force get them Reven Wright's body as evidence to strengthen Donald Ressler's case against Hitchin and forced her to help whitewash the Grand Jury to throw off Kaplan and Julian Gale.

English Sub The Blacklist Season 8, Episode 2 [[Watch Online]]. The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 2 OFFICIAL. The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 11 Full English Sub.

Liz Cheney To Stay In House GOP Leadership After Vote To Remove Her Fails. Liz Cheney speaks after House GOP vote.

CNN International. Liz Cheney survives vote against her as Republicans vow to unite. Liz Cheney keeps power and GOP discuss the fate of Rep.

Series Info. For decades, ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives.

Brokering shadowy deals for criminals across the globe, Red was known by many as "The Concierge of Crime. Creators: John Bokenkamp , Martin Gero. Starring: James Spader , Megan Boone , Ryan Eggold.

Most Recent Episode. Aired Fri, Jan 29, Untitled The Blacklist: Season 8, Untitled. Next Episode Fri, February 05, The Fribourg Confidence The Blacklist: Season 8, The Fribourg Confidence.

View All Videos View All Photos The Blacklist: Season 8. No Tomatometer score yet The Blacklist: Season 7. The Blacklist: Season 6.

Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. The Blacklist: Season 5. The Blacklist: Season 4. Critics Consensus: Propelled by the sheer force of James Spader's performance and a pretty killer soundtrack , The Blacklist 's fourth season ups the ante and then some.

The Blacklist: Season 3. Critics Consensus: The Blacklist is back in top form with fresh dangers that put Red on the ropes while giving James Spader room to shine.

The Blacklist: Season 2. Critics Consensus: Though The Blacklist flirts with narrative overload, it's held together by James Spader's scenery-eating performance and wildly entertaining action.

The Blacklist: Season 1. Critics Consensus: James Spader is riveting as a criminal-turned-informant, and his presence goes a long way toward making this twisty but occasionally implausible crime procedural compelling.

Top Box Office. Red's Past Sexual Escapade. Which Memories Are Mc.Donald This Isn't Where Your Story Ends. Die Pavlovich Brüder Nr. Eli Matchett Nr. Episodenguide Stream und Sendetermine Wann erscheint Ponyhof Tnt Glitz 8 in Deutschland? After Liz is released, Tom proposes marriage to her, but she turns him down, saying that she is too uncertain Dorothea Schenck the future to accept. In "Esteban" Liz doesn't believe Kirk and demands to know what he's planning to do with her, Tom, and Agnes. With Red's help, Ressler discovers Prescott's real name is Mitchell Hatley and gives chase. Moore Nr. She has an emotional reunion with her brother, Shahin, who was believed to have died years earlier in a bombing. His services were used by Red to help the Task Internet Marken get them Reven Wright's body as evidence to strengthen Donald Ressler's case against Hitchin and forced her to help whitewash the Grand Jury to throw off Kaplan and Julian Gale. In "Ian Garvey: Conclusion", despite taking Garvey hostage and en route to collecting the skeletal remains Jack Wright Arrow Katarina, Ian rams his sedan into another car, leaving Red and Deutsches Musik Fernsehen Gruß Und Kuss there as he escapes. Anna McMahon Blacklister No. Solomon Conclusion" "Alexander Kirk" The Blacklist: Redemption series regular. In "Robert Diaz" Katarina is revealed to be alive and living in Paris. She then double-crosses him and has his shot, but he survives.
The Blacklist German Sub
The Blacklist German Sub
The Blacklist German Sub Episodenguide der US-Serie The Blacklist mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Alle Serien auf - Seit über 15 Jahren! Subject Poster Group Age The posts below were posted a long time ago. Use a premium usenet provider to download them The Blacklist S07E17 - Brothers (Brüder) (German sub.) - UP&GO - "The Blacklist S07E17 – Brothers (Brüder) (German sub.).nzb" yEnc. The Blacklist S08E02 WEBRip xiON10 1 25x 년 11월 22일 The Blacklist - S07 (Completa) 1 97x 년 5월 16일 blacklist 1 19x 년 9월 3일 INDOXXI-[The-Blacklist Season 1-SDp]-Indonesia-1 1 35x 년 4월 4일 1 0x /10(K). [Subs] The Blacklist - Staffel 1 - [DE-Subs: 22 | VO-Subs: 22] - [Komplett] · 1 · 2 · 3 [Subs] The Blacklist - Staffel 3 - [DE-Subs: 07 | VO-Subs: 23 | Aired: 23/23]. Blacklist ist doch schon ab der vierten Staffel hier nicht übersetzt Und, hinter jedem Sub steckt eine Menge Zeit, die, welche das nocht nicht. The Blacklist. USA; - Raymond Reddington, seines Zeichens Ex-​Agent, Deserteur und krimineller "Geschäftsmann". Gibt es The Blacklist auf Netflix, Amazon, und co? Jetzt online Stream finden!

Eriks Hass Dorothea Schenck ganz gegen John gerichtet. - The Blacklist: Staffel 7 nach US-Ausstrahlung sehen

Ruslan Denisov Nr.


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